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Welcome to Greater Southwest Athletics (GSA)

GSA is a non-profit youth sports club in Region IV of Roanoke City Parks and Recreation. In partnership with Roanoke City Parks and Recreation Youth Athletics, there are 4 Roanoke City Regional Recreation Clubs that provide recreational teams for players that either reside in Roanoke City or Attend a School Located in Roanoke CityYour child's recreation club will be determined based on where you live and/or where you attend school.

GSA serves households residing in the following City Elementary Schools regions: Crystal Spring, Fishburn Park, Grandin Court, Virginia Heights, and Wasena. Beginning in 2023 we are now proud partners with Roanoke Catholic and will offer all sports to the students attending grades K-5. If you are in GSA, Region IV, and/or attend Roanoke Catholic. please follow the online instructions for registering your player and club payment.

For contact information for Regions I, II, and III: Roanoke City Region Map - Recreational Sports 
Or call Roanoke City Parks and Recreation at 540-853-2236.

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